Prayer Works

It was a cold Tuesday morning at 6:30am in downtown St. Charles. The wind blowing off the river made the air bitter. Eight brave souls gathered to pray and circle a city block in faith for God’s providence and provision. We prayed together with Jake and Caitlin Marten for Jake’s new printing business.

Jake had recently invested in a new printer to take the next step in his new business. But seemingly this deal was going bad. He had sent the money, but no printer was coming. Everything appeared like he was a victim of fraud. Jake was bitter. He was angry. He was withdrawn.

After listening to the Circle Maker message series for 4 weeks, Jake had dismissed the idea of drawing a prayer circle around his business. But he was humbled and the anxiety was beginning to overwhelm.

One Sunday night while Jake volunteered and served at Lord of Life’s Youth Hangout. The topic for the night was the Circle Maker message series. In that moment Jake knew what he had to do. It was to start praying circles around his business. So he made the commitment to pray each morning at 6:30am for the next week. He would circle the city block 7 times in prayer each day for 7 days.

The next morning Jake and Caitlin were there circling the block around the old Burger Drugstore and Harris Bank. And soon others would join in as well. The funny thing was that God soon expanded Jake’s prayers beyond the printer alone. He began to see needs and opportunities that he had not seen before. The bitterness and the anxiety were turned to compassion and mercy. As much as God was changing the circumstances, God was changing Jake’s heart. He started not to pray just for his business, but for the other businesses around. Most importantly he began to pray for the people he had sent his money to. He prayed for other people to come to know Jesus through his business.

Things started happening. The lines of communication began to open. Previously, he would make phone calls and send emails with no response. Now he was getting answers. There were still problems with getting the order filled, but the picture was more clear. Seemingly, progress was being made. He didn’t have the new printer yet, but he had something more valuable and that was a new heart.

Today, as I write this, Jake has received notice that the printer is being shipped. Here is a picture of it:

printer to ship

I would love to tell you that he has received it. But we are believing in faith that God has already answered that prayer. We give God thanks and praise for his goodness. We give him glory for the victory.

At Lord of Life we have identified 7 prayer circles for our church which I identified in a previous email. There are bold prayers and we are believing God for the answers for those prayers.

Believing in faith, I want to invite to join us in prayer each Sunday at 7:30am during the remaining season of Lent. We will lift these 7 prayers up to the Lord, along with other burdens upon our heart. One of the 7 prayers is that Lord of Life would be a house of prayer and this is the start of that. Regardless of the weather being wind, rain, sleet, or snow we will persistently call upon our Savior in faith.