New Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s another family adventure video. Last summer I shared out Niagara Falls vacation video. Today I bring you the holiday lights. Last night we visited the PNC Performing Arts Center Holiday Light Show. Mounting my iPhone 6 to the dashboard I created a time lapse video that captured the experience in 24 seconds.

We capped the evening off at Sayrewoods Bible Church that was hosting a drive-through living nativity. Each car was given a chance player which told the story and gave directions.

The Holiday Lights at the PNC Performing Arts Center show cost $25 per car. A bit steep considering when we lived in Illinois we could always go and see the Larson Family Christmas lights. The Sayrewoods Nativity was free. Way to go Sayrewoods! The lights were definitely fun for the family. But the Nativity shared the good news and captured what Christmas is truly about. Certainly the more meaningful part of the evening.

I think the Ressler family has two new Thanksgiving weekend traditions.

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