The Significance of Easter

The Significance of Easter

Scripture Readings

  • John 20:1–10
  • 1 Corinthians 15:12–18


  • Why is the resurrection significant?
  • What does the resurrection change in your life?

Plan of Action

  • Today is the day after Easter. We have a way of quickly moving on to other things. Consider how you might keep alive the joy of Easter and not forget how Christ is risen from the grave.
  • As we think about spring, consider how you might plant a seed of kindness in another person’s life.


Easter Sunday is a happy day. It is a day we celebrate the resurrection. We come together as families. We get dressed up in our Sunday best. We enjoy our Easter Egg hunts.

It is great that Easter Sunday is a happy day. Happiness is good. But Easter is about more than giving us happiness. Easter gives us significance.

There are many who commit their lives to the pursuit of happiness. They strive after what gives them momentary pleasure. It may be fun for a while. But the endless pursuit of short-lived “highs” will leave us wanting for more.

God created us for more than the pursuit of pleasure or the avoidance of pain. We want meaning. We want significance. We want our lives to count and matter.

One Life to Live

Life it is a precious resource. What makes something so precious is that it is limited.

  • What makes gold valuable? – It is hard to find.
  • What makes your spouse precious? – There is only one of them.
  • What made Jesus precious? – He was the only Son of God.

Your life is precious. The reason it is precious is that you only have one life to live. There are no do-overs. You can’t take anything back. It is a gift that is given to you as a limited resource.

We are engineered to want to make it count. We want to live it to the full and leave our contribution.

Finding Significance

I am reading a newly released book called The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. It is all about discovering significance. In the book, Jeff references Vicktor Frankl who was a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Victor is the author of another book entitled Man’s Search for Meaning. In this book Victor shares there are three individual things in life which offer us significance. They include:

In the resurrection of Jesus we find each of these three things. Jesus’ resurrection is about eternal life beyond the grave. It is also about the life we live now.

The resurrection gives us more than a reason to get dressed up on a certain spring morning in April and attend a worship service. If we grasp the full significance of this event it will radically change the course of our lives. So over the course of the next three days we will look at how the resurrection gives us a relationship, a project, and a redemptive view of suffering.