Date with the Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Trevor VanRiemsdyk
A big highlight for me last week was to have the opportunity to see and touch the Stanley Cup. I have been a Chicago Blackhawks fan since I was a child. We have had a good run these last few years by winning 3 Championships in just 6 years. There were some difficult years in the past, but being a Hawks fan today is the best.

Two years ago we moved from the Chicago area to New Jersey. I have been still been able to keep up with the team through NHL Center Ice. New Jersey is also a good place to live as a hockey fan. We have 4 NHL teams (Islanders, Rangers, Devils, and Flyers) in the local area. I have been able to catch the Blackhawks playing the Islanders, Rangers, and Devils. Maybe next year we will go see a game in Philly.

Before the beginning of last season, Trevor VanRiemsdyk signed with the Blackhawks. This was especially exciting news for me because Trevor’s family are from New Jersey and members of our church. Unfortunately, Trevor was injured much of this past season, but in the end he was able to play the final 4 games of the Stanley Cup Finals. Last week he was able to bring the Stanley Cup to New Jersey to celebrate. I count it a privilege that I was able to spend a small portion of the day with Trevor and his family and the Stanley Cup. The picture above is Barbara, Trevor, and I with the cup.

Congratulations Trevor and the Blackhawks! Let’s bring home the cup again next year.

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